Franklin Gutierrez - IBDP Drama Teacher

13 Dec 2019

PureTeach Global Recruitment contacted, interviewed me and forwarded my CV to JBCN International School, Mumbai.

After several interactions with the members of the school and at the same time being full of expectations and emotions, they told us we were being selected as teachers for JBCN International School. PureTeach supported and guided us through the selection process.

After these two, tense months, we finally realize that one of the most fantastic moments of our lives will begin, as professionals and as a family because the offer included the schooling of our two children at JBCN.

I would like to thank PureTeach Global Recruitment for contacting, supporting and trusting us; without their intuition and expertise, none of these marvelous things would have happened.

Support Person
Inology Australia Pty Ltd