International Schools We Represent




We work with well regarded International Schools across India. International Schools follow a national or international curriculum different from the host country. Additionally, an emphasis is placed on international education such as the International Baccalaureate.


Many hiring schools will be on the lookout for teachers/leaders who hold a teachers certification/license from the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US. You will then need a position and the school will then help facilitate a Visa. So in Summary...

  • Possess a teaching certification
  • Register with us to teach in your chosen subject area.
  • Interviews held are normally via Skype.

Once you receive your contract you will need the following:

  • International Police check
  • Your qualifications attested
  • And a medical check once you arrive in India.

PureTeach have staff that have experienced the process of relocating. Your designated recruitment consultant will be there to support, until you are happily settled.


Lancers International School


Lancers is a pioneering institution, located in the heart of Gurgaon City. Here, students are encouraged to tear apart every concept, only to put it back together. As a result, their understanding of a topic is deep and their foundation strong.

Our students are motivated to be leaders with a heart, empathy being a core value of our school. Students take up leadership roles through the Student Council, and at the same time, they also invest time and effort into working with a non-profit organisation of their choice. It’s this wholesome atmosphere where teachers are more like mentors and peers are friends that makes Lancers a pioneer in the field of education.

It is our motto to embrace freedom of thought by not accepting a single mindset or dogmatic view of the world and to learn from the difference between people and point of views.

Lancers International School is one of the leading schools in Gurgaon. We celebrate values and nurtures diversity in race, culture, religion, gender, socio-economic means, abilities, affinities, and learning strengths. Our students are mostly polyglots and cosmopolitan, who are better able to understand, respect and learn from other cultures, races and religions.

We are the only school in Gurgaon with its student body representing 45 nationalities. We strive to create a safe environment without judgment, where students appreciate all others as contributing members of the global community. We’ve committed ourselves to build diversity as a core value of our school, thereby allowing our students to be more accepting and respectful of other cultures and communities.

Here, one can witness great cultural, linguistic and ethnic diversity of an international community, where a difference is a source of learning and not conflict.