International Schools We Represent


We feel it's important to work with schools who can offer the following:

  • Clear career development
  • Visible value of staff
  • A feeling of being part of something bigger - a vision so clear and engaging every action taken is understood as part of the bigger picture
  • A line manager that you can build professional and personal respect for
  • Fair organisational climate
  • A competitive salary and benefits

PureTeach aims to work with partner schools who can offer career packages that include the 'must haves' above. Talented leaders and teachers are the key to improving student outcomes and happiness. They are also key to inspiring change.

PureTeach unapologetically will only recruit teachers and leaders with passion, drive and talent. In return we can secure positions with our partner schools that can offer career defining roles, in a culture of the 'must haves'.



AIS International School


AIS is leading international school established in 2013, known for its quality education and caring environment meeting all aspects of a academic growth and global success. AIS is focssed on improving learning by raising the quality and status of teaching in global higher education.

AIS aims to encourage self identity and independence. Within a lively, creative and caring community, AIS supports students to gain courage to become best in what that they do and as a result positively contribute to society. With a strong family atmosphere, where friendship matters, all students, parents and staff members are valued for their role in creating an inceasingly evolving school community.

AIS has successfully adopted the Common Core Standards in the the Early Years curriculum. Elementary students from Year 1 to 5 experience a dynamic and engaging curriculum weaving the best aspect of the American and English curriculum

AIS places equal importance on both the inside and outside environments and ensure that each area stimulates the children’s imaginations. The spacious learning environments enable children to be active learners, become independent and develop creative and critical thinking skills. AIS introduce skills through the core curriculum, namely Language Arts, Math Science and Socail Studies, and this curriculum is complimented by distinctive and variety of French Language, Computer, Art and Physical Education along with swimming Classes.  Arabic Language along with Islamic Studies are also available beginning in Pre- Kindergarten.

The Classrooms have full access to all the facilities of the Primary School and they have time each week to enjoy the Sport and other educational activities along with the other facilities provided by the school.

AIS students are oriented throughout grade eight with the American curriculum so they can perform well in their future plans.  The curriculum is broadly based, drawing from the courses and best practices of American and International education.

AIS students are expected to study English, another language, math, science, and social studies throughout their High School. Also, they study art and computing, at least to an introductory level, and they definitely participate in physical education.

AIS Grades 9 to 12 students undertake the American Diploma Program and are prepared for SATs. The SAT is designed to be aligned with high school curricula, as the questions reflect more closely what students learn in high school.

Throughout our well-equipped facilities at AIS, we present education in the most advanced technological way. The curriculum does not only focus on core subjects, but also on personality-building subjects and activities. Students are supported and prepared for international universities through a set of standardized exams that simulate the real exams students face upon applying for those universities. AIS students are the future leaders of this community, and they are prepared for this role in the best possible way. Hence, AIS's philosophy, “Our Commitment is to Quality Education.