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We work with well regarded International Schools across China. International Schools follow a national or international curriculum different from the host country. Additionally, an emphasis is placed on international education such as the International Baccalaureate.

Get Hired!

Many hiring schools will be on the lookout for teachers/leaders who hold a teachers certification/license from the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US. You will then need a position and the school will then help facilitate a Visa Z. So in Summary...

  • Possess a teaching certification
  • Register with us to teach in your chosen subject area.
  • Interviews held are normally via Skype.
After You've Been Hired

Once you receive your contract you will need the following:

  • International Police check
  • Your qualifications attested
  • And a medical check once you arrive in China.

PureTeach have staff that have experienced the process of relocating. Your designated recruitment consultant will be there to support, until you are happily settled.



The aim of Avenues, Shenzhen is for students to graduate; those who are accomplished in the academic skills one would expect; at ease beyond their borders; truly fluent in a second language; good writers and speakers one and all; confident because they excel in a particular passion; artists no matter their field; practical in the ways of the world; emotionally unafraid and physically fit; humble about their gifts and generous of spirit; trustworthy; aware that their behaviour makes a difference in our ecosystem; great leaders when they can be, good followers when they should be; on their way to well-chosen higher education; and, most importantly, architects of lives that transcend the ordinary.

Avenues aim to share their prosperity with those who need it, initially through traditional financial aid and, as they grow, in more innovative and broader-scale ways that leap the walls of our campuses.

They provide faculty and staff members a special place to pursue the science and art of teaching. Avenues want to align the rewards of teaching more closely with the value it brings to society, provide teachers opportunities to deepen their skills and be a place where careers, in and out of the classroom, can flourish.

Avenues want to advance education by setting an example as an effective, diverse and accountable school; by continuously investing in ways to become better at what they do; and by making available their discoveries, large and small, to colleagues in the cause of education.

Avenues is one school with many campuses, serving children from ages 2 to 18 in the world’s leading cities, including New York, São Paulo, Shenzhen and Online. This is not a collection of different schools all pursuing different educational strategies, but rather one highly integrated and global learning community, connected and supported by a common vision, a shared curriculum, global admissions standards, collective professional development of its faculty and best-in-class facilities. Avenues is currently developing campuses in Europe, North America and Asia.

Avenues Shenzhen, is the newest campus of Avenues: The World School and its first in China. Avenues Shenzhen opened with a unique early childhood program serving students from 2 to 6 years old, with plans to expand to serve students through 12th grade in coming years.

This is a very special group of schools, with many professional opportunities.