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We work with well regarded International Schools across China. International Schools follow a national or international curriculum different from the host country. Additionally, an emphasis is placed on international education such as the International Baccalaureate.

Get Hired!

Many hiring schools will be on the lookout for teachers/leaders who hold a teachers certification/license from the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US. You will then need a position and the school will then help facilitate a Visa Z. So in Summary...

  • Possess a teaching certification
  • Register with us to teach in your chosen subject area.
  • Interviews held are normally via Skype.
After You've Been Hired

Once you receive your contract you will need the following:

  • International Police check
  • Your qualifications attested
  • And a medical check once you arrive in China.

PureTeach have staff that have experienced the process of relocating. Your designated recruitment consultant will be there to support, until you are happily settled.


royal reigate grammar school

Reigate Grammar School International (RGSI/RGS International)
RGS International was established in 2016 as a 100%-owned subsidiary of Reigate Grammar school with a strategic vision to establish British-style schools around the world under licence to Reigate Grammar School, UK. 

Royal Reigate Grammar School, UK was awarded the ‘2019 School of the Year’ for our work in pastoral care and wellbeing, in what is believed to be the most important element of any great education. It looks to share its ethos; pupil welfare and pastoral model; teaching and learning philosophy, and curriculum design expertise.

A notable chapter in Reigate Grammar School’s history, by developing international connections, RGS looks to open up cultural and learning links across continents and provide visit and exchange opportunities for students and staff. Developing international links and perspectives opens up cultural and learning opportunities across continents. RGS has started a journey in China with the aim of opening five K-12 schools, the first of which will open in Nanjing in September 2019.

What makes RGS International different? They offer and guarantee a fully hands-on collaboration and partnership with RGS UK to ensure RGS international schools share the same ethos and values, achieve the highest standards and have the on-going support to realise every child’s potential and happiness.