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We work with well regarded International Schools across China. International Schools follow a national or international curriculum different from the host country. Additionally, an emphasis is placed on international education such as the International Baccalaureate.

Get Hired!

Many hiring schools will be on the lookout for teachers/leaders who hold a teachers certification/license from the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US. You will then need a position and the school will then help facilitate a Visa Z. So in Summary...

  • Possess a teaching certification
  • Register with us to teach in your chosen subject area.
  • Interviews held are normally via Skype.
After You've Been Hired

Once you receive your contract you will need the following:

  • International Police check
  • Your qualifications attested
  • And a medical check once you arrive in China.

PureTeach have staff that have experienced the process of relocating. Your designated recruitment consultant will be there to support, until you are happily settled.



Beijing huijia private school

Beijing Huijia Private School, established in 1993, is the first authorized Chinese school by the International Baccalaureate Organization. Huijia is a new-style boarding and commuting school, and has formed a complete system of IB curriculum (PYP, MYP, and DP). As the largest and oldest private school in Beijing Huijia has 75 classes, more than 2000 students, 500 teachers from different countries and regions.

The educational mission of Huijia is to create an international and diversified learning environment for students, where they learn how to respect, understand and embrace different cultures and perspectives. The school is committed to providing students with useful learning opportunities and a secure and harmonious environment where they grow up as caring, thoughtful and responsible talents with a global vision.

As a large community comprising of primary school, middle/junior high school and high school sections, Huijia integrates all the educational resources and facilities including its horse farm, organic farm, laboratories, natural gas boiler room, science and technology workshop, sports domes and overseas study projects, so as to maximize the school’s support to the IB programmes.

The primary school section of Huijia provides full-time education to children aged 5 to 12 years.
The written syllabus of all subjects in the primary school is based on the National Curriculum Standards of China and follows the scope and sequence as indicated in the PYP curriculum framework. All learning content and key concepts are taught and assessed using the PYP pedagogy and evaluation criteria, which will enable students to master all the important skills and knowledge as well as to reach a deep-level understanding of important content so that they could meet educational development objectives for primary school students.

The MYP curriculum at Huijia is designed for Grade 7 to Grade 9. The framework is a continuation of the PYP and is grounded in concept-based, student-centered teaching and learning, which will ultimately prepare students for success in the Diploma Programme. MYP students at Huijia have a range of opportunities to develop and practice skills in Approaches to Learning (ATL), Community and Service (CAS), Holistic Learning, international awareness, and communication. The flexibility of the MYP curricular frameworks allows us to incorporate Chinese National curricula standards with MYP teaching objectives and assessment criteria in order to develop a vigorous and challenging curricular framework for all Huijia students.

The IBDP curriculum at Huijia is designed for Grade 10 to Grade 11. Huijia School, on the basis of Chinese students' characteristics with the situation at the School, according to the IBO requirements, has offered the courses as following: Chinese A1, Chinese B, Korean A1, English B, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, history, philosophy, economics, commercial management and arts; Except Chinese A1, Chinese

B, Korean A1, the other subjects are all taught in English. Chinese A1 is mainly literary appreciation and comments. Its level is also far above that of traditional senior high school. Each subject is meant to incorporate with three cores of IBDP, namely TOK, EE, and CAS. CAS (is one of the three core courses in the IB Diploma Program (IBDP), which) includes three aspects as follows: Creativity, Action, and Service. CAS actively encourages the students to work for sports, arts as well as community service; its aim is to let the students to learn to innovate, learn to care for others, learn to cooperate, to cultivate the students' ability to explore, and to plan and organize. EE is the writing of extended essays, which requires students to research into topic of their preference and to develop a scholastic presentation. It is a very effective way to prepare students so that they become acquainted with college requirements abroad. TOK, theory of knowledge, asking students critically analyze the knowledge they obtain so that that they understand the scope and limitation of each knowledge domain. From there, they may develop a more thorough way of knowing.

Beijing Huijia Private School is an incredible educational organisation, offering a world class education and many professional opportunities.



Beanstalk International Bilingual School

Founded in 1998 by Ms. Kathy Shi, Beanstalk Education Group is regarded as one of the leading international bilingual education pioneers in China.

It is committed to provide young learners well-rounded international education that integrates Chinese and Western educational philosophies, cultural elements and best practices.

With accreditation by internationally acknowledged authorities including the International Baccalaureate® (IB) and the Western Association of Schools and colleges (WASC), Beanstalk is now helping tens of thousands of Chinese and international students to reach for their dreams with its 20 campuses across China.

Beanstalk recognizes the uniqueness of each child and respects their individual needs through fostering a loving, caring and supportive learning environment. It strives to build “Chinese schools with a truly international vision" that honors and celebrates both China and the international cultures and heritages to best serve our students, families and community.

Beanstalk seeks to empower its learners to become bilingual, multi-cultural and global-minded citizens who are equipped with the knowledge and integrity to function successfully, responsibly and effectively in an ever-evolving global environment.

BIBS Motto: Love, Care & Support



springboard international Bilingual school



SIBS's success as an international bilingual school is closely related to the focus it places on personal, social, and emotional well-being. The academic program allows students to build on their personal strengths and to embrace challenges. At a time when students are establishing their identity and building their self-esteem, SIBS motivates students to help them achieve success in school and in life beyond the classroom. SIBS prepares their students for life in the global 21st century world. They encourage everyone to model the behavior they expect in others and to celebrate each others successes in and out of school.

Springboard International Bilingual School's Mission is to be a place where children, staff and parents work in partnership to enable all students realise their full potential.

The kindergarten program accepts students ages 2 through 6. A comprehensive kindergarten program helps young learners explore, communicate, and create in an all-nurturing, small class setting. The kindergarten program is designed to allow students to develop the social skills and work on material while building study habits that will prepare them for a smooth transition to our elementary school. SIBS utilizes the American Common Core Curriculum. 

The Lower Primary program aims to develop the knowledge and skills of our students along with a love of learning and curiosity about the world.

The Upper Primary grades are comprised of Grades 3, 4, 5 and 6 (ages 7 to 12) and offer a curriculum based on the American National Curriculum, adapted to reflect the internationalism of SIBS's students. Foreign teachers collaborate with an excellent team of Chinese teachers who lead instruction in Chinese language, Chinese maths, physical education and music, and support the students in everything they do. SIBS's goal is to make education fun and to help all students reach their full potential as learners and as global citizens.

At SIBS, the secondary school’s curriculum perfectly integrates the essence of Chinese and American education. Core courses include English Language and Literature, Chinese Language and Literature, Math, Science, Humanities, Fine Arts, P.E. The High school offers courses such as AP, so that they could be better prepared for college and universities.

SIBS is in the next exciting phase of it's international development, becoming a candidate school for the International Baccalaureate, aiming to build upon an the exisitng enquiry led approach offered throughout the K-12 curriculum.