If you are embarking on a journey to work abroad, one thing can be said: it is incredibly exciting. Experiencing a new culture, learning a language, meeting people from every corner of the globe, eating delicious food, it’s an experience not to be missed.

And if you really end up enjoying your time abroad, there is a chance that you will be bitten by the international bug and as a result genuinely want to continue to develop your career abroad.

So how can you maximise international career opportunities, how can you open more doors? Here are a few tips that we’ve learnt through navigating the international job market and helping teachers and leaders secure positions.


In today’s job market, no matter where you are in the world, developing a personal brand is critical to successfully networking and finding job opportunities. Whether you are networking on Twitter or creating posts on LinkedIn, it is important that you have something more to show employers about who you are as a professional than a PDF of your resume.

We’re talking about content marketing. The thing you are “marketing” is yourself. Essentially, you could share your ideas about your education philosophy and ideas with professionals and “influencers”, asking them questions, and using your content as a reason to reach out to them and begin a conversation with them.


Be specific about the schools and type of curriculums you may be interested in. This is going to help narrow your search so that you can do more in-depth research on your organisations of interest.

Once you identify a few organisations you might be interested in, start reading through their blog and social media accounts to get a better feel for what they do, their approach to education and their role in it. Remember, information is power, and this is especially true when exploring job opportunities.


Working internationally is mind broadening, challenging and above all hugely rewarding. If you’re interested in working with some incredible organisations, get in touch… we can help you start your journey.