Teaching in the UK...

Teaching in the UK...

Teaching in the UK can bring huge rewards, however it also has its challenges.

There is a testing culture in the UK which can constrain creativity in the classroom. The pressure to achieve a positive P8 in state schools is massive. Place your school in a good position in the league table and watch your numbers go up. Teach to the curriculum and cover all the points...you may well think the job is done.

Its the last point that makes teaching in the UK 'testing'. However, you can still cover the curriculum with creativity and engagement. In fact if you don’t rigidly stick to the curriculum and digress to areas that make a subject come alive, student interest is piqued. The result is more engaged students, which helps cover the curriculum at a quicker rate.

Pressure to achieve better than average results is high. But approached with the specification in one hand and an innovative, engaging route through, in the other, will not only see good results, but happy students.

Students in the UK, like elsewhere in the world will test the most experienced teacher in the first few weeks, but show them your a good teacher and their respect is yours.

The rewards are significant, job satisfaction, a good salary, a close knit community of colleagues looking to better their practice, clear pathways to build on your career and 12 weeks holiday!

The UK is steeped in culture and a great place to explore Europe. When the temperature hits a giddy 16 degrees and summer is declared, theres nothing better than relaxing with friends and family in the amazing countryside. The cities are vibrant and with an eclectic mix of activities on offer.

Yes, teaching in the UK is an opportunity to be grasped. The friends, colleagues and experiences you make, will be well worth the time you spend here.

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