Seeing Is Believing...

Seeing Is Believing...

On a recent business trip to Qatar and the UK, PureTeach was honored to visit a number of International Schools.

When we set off from Australia our research, we thought, was complete. Vision, results, curriculum, number of students... we thought we had a clear picture of each school. However, there are a lot of things research can't tell you.

Arriving to one school in particular, by Uber from Hamad Airport, to a densely populated residential area we were met by a plethora of entrances. After finding the correct entrance, we were greeted by security, who completed their role with a thoroughness the Queens Guards would be envious of. On entering the school site, an oasis appeared in the middle of this very hot, concrete Jungle. Beautiful grounds, large and expansive sports areas, plus more importantly, happy, smart students walking around the school. On my tour of the school, it was clear to see lively, engaging teachers using a variety of methods to deliver their subject and the result... the unmistakable buzz of learning.

We had a similar experience in the UK, where we had a good understanding of the incredible facilities the school has to offer, but again the atmosphere was calm, teachers were happy and support staff went above and beyond to make you feel welcomed.

PureTeach has always stated that it will only connect leaders and teachers in schools demonstrating the "Must Haves". Visiting potential partner schools gave us another sense in which to work with. The passion and energy we observed on our school visits was clear to see. The determination to make a difference and add value to every student was obvious. The welcoming feeling and helpful nature of staff was inherent.

When discussing future roles with candidates we can genuinely look them in the eye and recommend such schools, knowing first hand, the environment they will potentially be engaging with.

PureTeach is committed to recruit teachers and leaders, plus provide a consultancy service to International Schools that exhibit these qualities. Actually visiting our partner schools, gives us extra information we can convey with qualified passion.