Recruiting with the 'Must Haves'...

Recruiting with the 'Must Haves'...

How do organizations recruit the most talented leaders and teachers? What attracts them to your organization and how do we keep them?

A competitive salary package is a good starting point, but in some organizations this is not enough.

Schools that are going through challenging circumstances and need a critical mass of consistently good teaching and leadership, is sometimes where we can find recruitment practices that focus on the 'must haves'. As they move through a period of chaotic challenge to structured and systematic change, attracting outstanding practitioners is important to sustain momentum. On the other hand, schools that are at the top of their game have well established cultural 'must haves'. So what are the cultural 'must haves'? There are many, but the ones that pureteach focus on when recommending a school are:

+ Clear career development + Visible value + Part of something bigger - a vision so clear and engaging every action taken is understood as part of the bigger picture + A line manager that you can build professional and personal respect for + Fair organisational climate

Independent of the change a school is undergoing, pureteach aims to work with partner schools that can offer a career package that include the 'must haves' above. Talented leaders and teachers are the key to improving student outcomes and happiness. They are also key to inspiring change.

Pureteach unapologetically will only recruit teachers and leaders with passion, drive and talent. In return we can secure positions with our partner schools that can offer career defining roles, in a culture of the 'must haves'.