Ready for the New Year?

Ready for the New Year?

Welcome to a new Recruiting Year

The international teaching market recently became a lot smaller. With lower school admissions as a result of the economic impact of COVID combined with travel restrictions, made a difficult year to find roles with well-regarded schools.

However, PureTeach has been working with schools looking to the 2021 (January and August) academic year. Our partner schools now stretch from South America to Shanghai.

We have some very attractive teaching positions with family packages (including tuition, accommodation and flights) including opportunities to take the next step into leadership.

Highly regarded schools expect you to invest in your professional development and commit to getting the best out of every student, which is tiring but exceptionally rewarding. On the other hand, the schools we represent offer an incredible lifestyle, with accommodation featuring swimming pools, gyms and 5 Star amenities. We represent some schools with multi campuses based across the world – this presents an unparalleled opportunity to progress professionally and immerse yourself in very different cultures.

The schools we work with offer middle leaders the opportunity to undertake an NPQML and calendared professional development. As a result, when and if you decide to return home, you will find yourself with a wealth of experience to fast track your career path.

China has recently started to slowly open it’s doors to international teachers. We also represent a number of English as Second Language Centres. Most will expect you to have a TEFL qualification, however we do work with two schools who will provide training whilst working with the students. For this type of position, a Bachelor’s Degree is required. Again, the opportunities for travel are exceptional.

We have been asked to represent three international schools who are looking to open new campuses for August 2021. We are looking for experienced and well qualified teachers and leaders of every subject/stage. Please get in touch with us for more details.

Our recruitment process is rigorous but very supportive. We will guide you through every step from the initial interview to securing your work visa.

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