Good Teacher...Is It In Our DNA?

Good Teacher...Is It In Our DNA?

What makes a good teacher?

Is it the classification of degree you achieve?
Is it the university you attend?
Is it the experiences you gain during your teaching practice?
Is it a passion for trying to make a difference in someones life?
Is it innate, in your DNA, in your bones, an X-factor that you can't put your finger on?
Is it intrinsically linked to your personality?

Someone once told me they felt standards in the classroom were related to where the teacher trained...

From my perspective and experience, where you train has little to do with your success in teaching. And what is a good teacher anyway? Is it a judgment given from Ofsted or QNSA or KHDA or another school based quality assurance framework? I think a sound teacher can demonstrate a tick box list of competencies, but the truly good teacher is the individual who over time, shows patience, enthusiasm, commitment and intelligence. Leading to better outcomes for students.

But back to the point, the most dedicated and passionate teachers I've been lucky to work with, come from all around the world. If you show Va va voom for teaching with a real understanding of your subject and its relevance in life, whether you achieve a 1:1 or a 2:1 Honours Degree, went to a South African, Welsh, English or Australian university, it has little bearing in our vocation. What we learn from our school based experiences... yes, that could have a bearing on our successes in teaching.

On my very first teacher placement, as part of our PGCE course, I remember shaking like a leaf in front of thirty, eleven year olds, about to demonstrate the intricacies of the bunsen burner. As you can imagine it did not turn out well. My preparation was awful and the relevance of the bunsen burner on life.... Huh? What did I take away from this career defining moment?... Preparation, preparation, preparation. The next time I demonstrated the mechanics of the bunsen burner, its relevance to the future of space travel was apparent to all - shaking like a leaf... hands as steady as an Ophthalmologist's.

Passion, a big yes.

Is it in your DNA? I don't think so. Maybe its in our DNA to be passionate about the future. I think we harness this passion and combine it with other elements - which can be learnt.

Personality - we all have one... The best teachers observed, use theirs to full effect. This is what makes the day interesting for students. They don't want to go to 5 or 6 lessons in a day and have the same approach to lessons... they love to laugh and learn in different ways, just like we do.

At PureTeach Global Recruitment we work alongside international schools, recruiting teachers from across the world that can demonstrate this drive, to make a difference in someones life.