First Impressions...

First Impressions...

As a teacher the pace of our working life is full speed. When we're in an ocean of assessment, planning, delivering lessons and constantly reflecting, we sometimes forget to look out for our own development.

When we look for our next career move, probably our first step is to perfect our CV and letter of application. Having recently advertised a position, one CV arrived with its main heading, fully in bold font, "Eduacation". Someone with six years experience in the classroom, who has engaged constantly with professional development opportunities, has a distinguished education and sound references, forwards a CV with a glaringly obvious CV killer.

Should this mistake be taken as a reflection of the person or a genuine mistake? I don't think a mistake can be taken as a reflection of the person - we all make mistakes and when we are constantly reflecting in another realm during the working term - that dimension where the cooking, housework, gardening or a journey to the shop becomes a source of inspiration for our next lesson, our focus I don't believe is on ourselves. However when a CV becomes a minefield of grammatical and spelling errors, there is no excuse.


The point is, first impressions really count. They make a statement of intent - I'm serious about this position and have spent my precious spare time pitching for this role. A succinct and clear CV gives an employer a career snap shot. When there may be up to 50 applications for one role, the CV is the first hurdle and formed with clarity it makes the jump to short-listing a lot more likely.

Our screening process at PureTeach is thorough and focussed; mainly focussed on consistency of experience and relevant educational achievements. Taking time to read a CV fully, acknowledging professional development and the ambition that can shine through, is our first goal when receiving applications for a vacancy. We believe that passionate and committed teachers or leaders looking for positions, should have the opportunity to showcase their talent. We aim to recruit international teachers and leaders with a fair and rigorous approach.