A Recruitment Agency With A Difference...

A Recruitment Agency With A Difference...

Our mission is to offer an international leadership and management recruitment service that looks for one quality in future or existing leaders - the ability to demonstrate incredible and intelligent teaching.

Throughout my career I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the best CEOs in education. They all have one thing in common; a true understanding of what works in the classroom. They use this experience and knowledge to shape all areas of the school. The curriculum becomes an organic structure that constantly evolves around facilitating great teaching. Pastoral systems are built on an understanding of how to emotionally connect with students, which in my opinion is one the key elements in outstanding teaching.

We have recruited teachers, mangers and leaders to positions across the globe. Sometimes we find applicants that have less experience than other candidates, but you can tell from the passion and fire in their eyes, the potential to drive a school forward.

We feel we offer an unique recruitment service because the consultants we employ have experience of improving and adding value to schools they’ve worked in. They know what makes a school tick and how to challenge the status quo.

Our service starts with our consultant visiting your school, meeting key personal and developing an understanding of your requirements.

We then deliver a bespoke recruitment plan, including advertising and guidance with the interview process.

We guarantee to find a world class leader to add value to your organisation - or your money back! Our reputation is only as good as the last appointment. This comes with a caveat. All great leaders bring the community together around a achievable and innovative vision. To deliver the vision, takes time. With this in mind we continue to be at your service.

So what is incredible intelligent teaching? It's teaching from the heart, with passion, planning and innovation. And we believe all great leadership and management is rooted in these qualities.