A Global Mind...

A Global Mind...

There is no better feeling when as a teacher, standing in-front of your class, you see the “penny drop”. You’ve taken a complex idea and delivered it in such a way, your students actually get it. We are teachers of ideas, knowledge, motivation and values. 

However we are in a world where technology is transforming jobs and skills faster than organizations or people can adapt; Coursera’s Global Skills Index 2019 found that two-thirds of the world’s population is falling behind in critical skills.

Online education potentially offers life-changing access to millions more globally. Through deep creative, engagements, pre-university and university online education gives an opportunity to fexibly develop independent learning expertise. To truly engage in the virtual world of learning, successful learners build upon critical skills such as the ability to gather information intelligently, to evaluate next steps in their learning journey.

This can only be a good thing where the core skills required to perform most roles, will change by 42% on average by 2022, as suggested by research from the World Economic Forum.

As we and the next generation are confronted with environmental change, rapid population growth and a call for unbiased economic and social infrastructures, collaborative online learning may be one driver for accelerated growth in knowledge and its practical application.

As quoted in the Business Harvard Review “Through deeper engagements and local industry partnerships world-wide, top colleges will be able to create a virtuous cycle that advances research and collaborative thinking to tackle some of the most pressing challenges we face today”.

Our physical world is restrictive. However, our most innovative schools break these walls through seamlessly planned curriculums, weaving in a virtual world of collaboration and experiential learning. The classroom is no longer a dreary, didatic cage of victorian bygones, but a blended environment where our most passionate teachers (online and physcial) facilitate boundless learning and foster much needed critical skills. 

We are still teachers of ideas, knowledge, motivation and values, but technology has given us an opportunity to deliver the "Penny Drop", on a global scale. Whether learning at school or through an online company, our most talented educators are shaping a global classroom and mind... A global classroom and mind that will one day position itself to rapidly solve our most pressing global problems.