Established in Early 2019 by Clive Shepherd, currently a PhD candidate in Educational Leadership with many years experience leading organisations, the focus has been to connect world class and passionate educationalists with our partner schools. We are based in Australia, the perfect position to reach out to experienced teachers and leaders looking for their next global role. The Australian educational year operates from late January to early December, giving our partner schools an opportunity to secure world class practitioners throughout the school year.

Our aim is to provide an all supportive recruitment service, which begins with an application or registration. We aim to give feedback and advice every step of the way. These aims are driven by our philosophy and values.



PureTeach aims to provide outstanding school services, such as teacher and leadership recruitment, rooted in outstanding teaching.

Our team, our approach and our service is centred on helping clients achieve a lasting legacy benefitting students and communities they serve.



Our values are at the heart of our philosophy.