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Licensed Teachers

International schools are looking for qualified teachers holding a teaching license or registration. Our partner schools from across the globe are actively searching for experienced teachers from all subject areas and curriculums. Kindergarten, Elementary, High school and Post 16 vacancies can be found here.

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ESL Teachers

PureTeach is representing a number of Language Schools across the world. Teaching English as a Secondary Language in well regarded language schools is a rewarding experience. Whilst supporting English Language development, you get to enjoy a new culture, which can be a life changing experience. The qualification requirements are different compared to a subject teaching post.

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Senior Leaders

Our partner schools are looking for internationally minded and experienced senior leaders with a desire to help shape outstanding schools. Passionate, intelligent and astute leaders are sought by top international schools. The rewards are high.

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College Instructor Jobs

Our partner Colleges and Universities are searching for experienced and suitably qualified lecturers and administrators.

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Vocational Teaching Jobs

Work in Technical colleges and organisations around the globe.

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Online Teaching Jobs

Our partners who provide online teaching platforms are looking for subject qualified tutors with flexibility in their time and an enthusiasm for delivering high quality lessons/support.

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Teacher Stories

I applied for a vacancy, in the UAE, but did not get the job, as I waited too long to submit my CV. PureTeach kept my CV, and then informed me of a suitable job offering, this time in Beijing, that I qualified for, and asked me if I was interested. So I applied, and got an amazing job at an international school, that I really love. PureTeach is professional in what the do, and walks the extra mile in assisting finding a suitable job. I would recommend Clive, and PureTeach International, without a doubt to anyone looking to find a job internationally. Thank you for all you have done!
Cimi Jonker - Teacher Librarian, Beijing
A great company that follows up with their recruit-ees, finding them "best fit" positions world wide. I highly recommend this company! 


Carole Saunders - PYP Coordinator, Singapore
PureTeach helped me secure a teaching position with an outstanding international school in Moscow. As an international recruitment company, their support offered has been excellent – from contacting me and discussing the role, to making sure everything was in place for my arrival. More importantly the information supplied about the school, position and package on offer was comprehensive and spot on. I can definitely recommend PureTeach for your next international career move.
Reinette Simenson - Biology A Level Teacher

PureTeach Global Recruitment contacted, interviewed me and forwarded my CV to JBCN International School, Mumbai.

After several interactions with the members of the school and at the same time being full of expectations and emotions, they told us we were being selected as teachers for JBCN International School. PureTeach supported and guided us through the selection process.

After these two, tense months, we finally realize that one of the most fantastic moments of our lives will begin, as professionals and as a family because the offer included the schooling of our two children at JBCN.

I would like to thank PureTeach Global Recruitment for contacting, supporting and trusting us; without their intuition and expertise, none of these marvelous things would have happened.

Franklin Gutierrez - IBDP Drama Teacher

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